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Through death we live-
United States
I have ARDS, otherwise known as Artistic-Reverse-Drunkard-Syndrome. The longer I look at something to draw and work on it, the worse it gets. The whole "my sketch came out fantastic... why is the end product so shitty?" case applies here.

Tracing/use of art: Hey it's simple. Ask me about using my art for reference or tracing over for something, and if I give you the thumbs up, it's cool. If not, respect my wishes. No need to start an internet war over this stuff (damn it someone traced my art/oh boohoo people are sending death threats to me).

The idea that anyone who hires an artist without compensation is utterly foolish based on the notion that it is something everyone can do.

The talent of hard work is nurtured over time, defined by passion and forged by failure into success. One does not simply buy it like cheap materials, nor does one assume money will bridge the gap. Talent isn't bought from artists- it's rented. Respect them.

BUT WHEN I DO, I sure as hell won't hold back my words!

Ambition 101:

-If your ambitions are reachable then your dreams are not dreams, but goals! A dream is called just that because it is far in the depths of our imagination, once a dream becomes realized, it becomes just a goal. That is why I dare you to have fantastical dreams, the sort which you may not even deem possible. And in our attempt to reach out to the moon, we will innovate, we will build the bridge to come closer, so that even at the end of our lives, it can seem as though the moon is but an arm’s reach away. Legends do not become such merely because they have mediocre ambitions; they dream big to become big.

-Goal setting! You must be ahead of yourself. In this regard, if you feel realistically you are only capable of achieving 100 of anything, then you will only try for that and be satisfied with an 80-90% proficiency rate, if you limit yourself to this idea of “100.” You must instead strive for some ridiculous number like 200, and in doing so, should you pass 100, you continue to work towards that goal. You know you’ve passed the realistic expectations you have of yourself, so there is no limit, and you may continue to push. If you end with 125, you have already surpassed yourself and anyone else who has set their goal at 100. 25 may seem mediocre, but if it was considered a percent, the difference of 25% becomes incremental and the eventual difference between you and others becomes exponential.

100% is 1. Anything multiplied by 1 is itself. If you hold yourself to a value of 1, and do not try harder to extend beyond what you are currently capable of, you will remain at your current level. You must try harder to attain something beyond your current level to come closer to it. A 25% increase becomes exponential and enough to reach a value of 4 in no time. On the other hand, a 0% increase will never reach 4. You will taste failure again and again in reaching out for the higher goals; defeat will be bittersweet! But you must be a proud Saiyan warrior! You must continue to survive past your struggles and become exponentially wiser and stronger to allow yourself to reach the new heights and crush the metaphysical barriers like the useless power scouter it is!

-I say “Be Crazy.” Be that so when everyone in the world dares not to put their faith in you, but a crazy person- you reserve the privilege of being that sole crazy person who continues to have faith, so that you may continue to drive on towards your ambition.

Oh yeah, if anyone says focus on reality, fuck reality. It can't give what you want. What you want isn't real, at least not yet.

PS: What is also notable is that if someone imagines the level they want to be drawing at as a pro and start making their comics at about 40%, they will allow themselves the room to learn, grow and tell the story. If they wait until they are at 100%, they may have missed the opportunity, or may feel they've started too late. 

Early is when you're not ready, but you will never be ready for anything, so instead of trying to be ready, expect to be early.
  • Listening to: Man with a Mission- Database

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Frogagician Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  New member
Splendid! :P Space is just time, you know! When you think about it that way, entropy is inevitable! :D That's right, Brutus! One day you and I will just be one very small object. Along with everything else in the universe. Then it will explode.
TerminaCosplay Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the watch! Love 
The feeling is mutual! =D Keep up your crazy crafts. I got more gijinka goodness on the way
GuzSkillz Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i was about to watch you again xD
My styles are so erratic, I wouldn't be surprised since I could pass off as another artist hahaha
GuzSkillz Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
hahahha lol 
keep uploading xD
I will for a short while til I burn out of art mana hah
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Frozen-song Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Thank you for the fave on my Pumpkin Patch colors. ^ ^
You're quite welcome! You did a fantastic job coloring it!
Rubycored Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Hey whats up man
Rubycored Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
it's been a while, so i thought of checking up on you :la:
Yep, cracking at it now. Thanks for the check-in.
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks for the Return :llama:

Here, have some more for yourself. ^^



















I don't even know how to respond to that hahaha
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